Why Paws?


Because dogs should be allowed to roam free.

Our facility is geared to provide your pet with a fun and safe environment.  Some dog day-cares will kennel or crate your dog for most of the day or prevent them from running.  At Paws your dog is allowed to run, play or rest inside the building or outside rain or shine.  Your pet will be placed with dogs of similar play styles in one of three indoor enclosures.  Each enclosure contains couches and chairs where they can choose to get away from the action and chill.  Each indoor enclosure is paired with an outdoor enclosure where your pet will be able to cool off in a wading pool or take a potty break.  If everyone is getting along we will change things up and open doors between the enclosures to create different looks for the pack to play in. You and your pet will always be greeted by a friendly staff person who is ready to answer any questions you might have.  Come and tour our facility.  Unlike some of our competitors, we will take you into the backroom of our operation so you can see for yourself that Paws is a place you would want to be if you were a dog. Dogs are social animals and have a natural pack instinct.  From the standpoint of socialization, it is good for dogs to interact with other dogs and human beings. Such interaction makes them more at ease and more flexible in novel situations.  Interaction with other dogs and people will help your pet overcome nervousness and will make them a well adjusted pet. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, the day-care environment will provide constant stimulation to help alleviate their symptoms.  Your pet will play all day and arrive home totally pooped out. If your pet is more demure and prefers the couch, he or she will have that option.   Our staff is more than willing to spend time with your couch potato. Things to Keep in Mind: Dogs, like people, can get sick.  If there’s a bug going around, the likelihood of your pet contracting it goes up based on their exposure to more animals.  Although we disinfect our facility daily, we cannot guarantee that your pet won’t catch-a bug.  Obviously, we require up-to-date vaccines to insure that serious illnesses are prevented.  If we notice that your pet is not feeling well, or is lethargic, we will notify you immediately. Some dogs do not socialize well.  If your pet shows aggression toward other dogs or humans, we cannot accept him or her at Paws for the safety of the other pets and/or our staff. Play time can get a bit rough at times.  Although we strive to provide a safe environment for your pet, there is always the possibility that he or she sustains an injury during play time.  This is simply a risk that is inherent in the play environment.  You, as a pet owner, must accept the fact that although we supervise play time, there is always some risk of injury.  We will obviously do everything we can to minimize this risk. Thank you for considering Paws as your doggy daycare!

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